May 2018: The Assignment and a walk along the Monsal Trail


After coming back from Morocco, I spent the rest time of the Easter break mainly on the assignment for the Qualitative Research Methods unit. With the deadline just after the Easter break, this assignment accounts for 25% of the marks for the unit. The unit aims to help us understand different types of accounting research and the range of research methodologies which are available, and equip us with practical research skills and knowledge of qualitative methods that may be applied to our dissertation projects. In terms of the assignment, we are required to write a qualitative research proposal. The proposal should outline our research, including the research background, literature review, research methods, ethical issues, timetable and reference list.

My dissertation topic is quantitative and I need to change my research topic to a qualitative one to fit the purposes of this assignment. Therefore, I spent much time in reading literature and searching for a sensible and practicable research topic. My proposal was based on the topic of Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE) reforms and performance measurement. This research aims to explore the relation between ideology and accounting in the context of Chines state-owned enterprise reforms over the past decade, analysing how the ideological shift behind the SOE reforms has shaped accounting. To gain insights of the relation between the ideological shift from Maoism to Dengism and accounting changes, I propose to conduct an in-depth case study in a large Chinese SOE.

One Saturday, my friends and I went to walk along the Monsal Trail, which is a traffic free route for walkers and cyclists through some of the Peak District’s most spectacular limestone dales. Before we started walking from Bakewell, we bought Bakewell puddings for breakfast. There is a story about the famous Bakewell pudding. It was first made by accident in 1820 by Mrs Greaves, who was the landlady of the White Horse Inn. She supposedly left instructions for her cook to make a jam tart. The cook, instead of stirring the eggs and almond paste mixture into the pastry, spread it on top of the jam. When cooked, the egg and almond paste set like an egg custard, and the result was successful enough for it to become a popular dish at the inn. During our walk, there were quite a lot walkers and cyclists even though it was rainy and windy on that day. It was awesome to experience the full length of the former railway route at our own pace and see breathtaking views along the trail.


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