April 2018: Taking time out from study to travel around Europe


Hey all,

The three week Easter break has just finished and we are into the final two weeks of lectures for the course. I have taken the advantage of the Easter break to get around Europe to explore the beautiful and famous cities.

I would love to write this blog about the experience I gained and share some tips for travelling around Europe that I consider useful to make this amazing adventure easier, and also share a bit about my dissertation.

I would like to give one important bit of advice- try to advance in your assignments before the break if you are travelling and since the University give the conditions and deadlines for the assignments early, I would recommend to finish the assignment as soon as possible. It would not be a good idea to leave them for the Easter break, or even after that, because during the Easter break time flies and if you finish the assignments before the break, it will help you to enjoy the break without worries.

So, talking about my trip, I made a 12-day trip and went to Berlin-Hamburg-Budapest-Vienna-Prague-Bruges-Brussels. Budapest and Prague are the most beautiful cities and I am definitely going to visit again whereas Belgium is totally different from the rest of the European countries.

Plan your itinerary to be a bit relaxing and make sure your itinerary allows you to take proper rest, especially on the day of arrival to another country, and remember that you should not count the day of arrival as your day of exploring if you are arriving in the afternoon or later because that day you will be busy in reaching the city from the airport, finding accommodation, settling and having rest. Hence, you will not be able to see the city, so it’s better to start exploring from the next day.

One last thing that I learnt during this journey is that low-fare airlines have great prices for cities like London, Brussels, Norway, etc. but they use small airports located outside the cities in nearby towns. Because of this, you should consider not only the cost of the flight but also the cost and time of transportation to get to these airports from the city centre.
Sometimes it is more expensive for the low-fare-airline ticket plus the transportation to the airport, rather than the ticket in a regular airline using the main airports. I suggest you consider this when you are buying airline tickets, and maybe you could get a better deal.

In summary, these three weeks have been amazing, and I have learned a lot about different countries, their cultures and also learnt how to travel in the most efficient way. Arranging a journey is not an easy thing, and even more when you try to cover many cities at once with a low budget and in a limited time. If you use your time before the break wisely to advance in your studies and plan your journey carefully, I assure you that you will have an amazing experience.

Since, the break is over, it’s time to focus on the dissertation as well. In this MSc we get only 3-4 months to write our dissertation and therefore we need to use our time and resources wisely. I would like to give some tips which I think are useful:

1) It’s better if you research about something you really like, it could be something related to your previous job or represent what you want to work on in the future.
2) Look for a supervisor as soon as you select your topic and email them to select them as your dissertation supervisor before they get occupied by any other student.
3) Take advantage of the Research Methods unit because it is basically designed to guide you in your development of a research proposal and give the necessary tools to succeed in your dissertation.

I hope my advice is useful to help you. More about my journey in my next blog.

Stay tuned!



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