May 2018: Summer is coming!


I arrived in Manchester in August last year, so I expected that might be the hottest period throughout the year. The truth is the real summer starts from May. Whether I am walking on the street or studying in the library, I can feel the passion how people here love summer!

My last lecture of this term ended on 11 May and many students finish theirs before May. I am that kind of person who really doesn’t like the feeling of ‘completion’. Yes, I must admit I am nostalgic and that’s why I don’t choose to be a teacher despite being an English undergraduate. Because there is no doubt I will miss every student I teach. Now going back to school again, this emotion comes to life. I miss the lectures I had with those conscientious and respectable professors and my cutest classmates who always make me laugh and help me improve. Nevertheless, I should control this feeling because I still have two exams at the end of May and I can still meet my classmates when we are taking exams!

Except for two exams, I completed all the other assignments and coursework at the beginning of May. The dissertation period will start formally from June, but my supervisor will come to see us in the middle of May. That’s really good news for me as I think the earlier I meet the supervisor, the more confidence I gain for this big task.

I believe a lot of students have got their offer for entering the Operations course in 2018. Here, I would like to introduce some basic information about the class that started in 2017. This course is very diverse. There are approximately 73 students, coming from about 20 countries, enrolled in Ops in 2017. Some of the countries include UK, Norway, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, China, Thailand, Peru, Greece, Netherlands and Morocco. The ratio of male and female is closer to 1:1. Some of the students have just graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, Accounting, Finance and Mechanics. Other students, like me, who have a few years of work experience, are studying here for further development or wish to have new career opportunities. Thus, it is a great experience to study here because you can have a lot of chance to learn from a diverse group and enrich your academics as well as your life experience!

I hope the time can pass a little bit slower because I really enjoy every minute here!


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