February 2018: So, It’s February now and finally the exam period is over.


In the first semester, I had four electives but the assessment of one of them is purely project based i.e. there was no exam whereas I had to give exams for the rest of the three. Unfortunately, my exams did not go well, so hoping for the best as results is yet to come.

After the exam period, I got a short break for three days and I utilised it completely as I just slept and took rest for those three days and met all my friends whom I didn’t met because of the exams. The second semester has just started and there are many things to do like selection of electives for the next semester, dissertation topics, hunting for the jobs etc.

On my course, we have eight options for elective units: Service Innovation , Regional, National and Global Dimensions of Science, Technology and Innovation , Eco-Innovation Management , Innovation & Market Strategy , Water and Sanitation Planning and Policy in developing countries , Business Creation and Development, Developing Enterprising Individuals, Case Studies in Technology Strategy & Innovation Management.

However we have the opportunity to choose one elective unit based on our own interests from any MSc Programme in the university and the rest two from own course. Therefore I chose Digital Business from MSc Marketing because of my keen interest and from my course I have taken  Business Creation and Development and Developing Enterprising Individual.

You have the first two weeks of class to attend all the classes and to make decisions and changes and to take any elective units from other Masters courses but you need to check the availability and gain permission from the course Director.

I am excited for the upcoming semester as we have lots of group projects and individual submissions as well.
I am currently working with a start-up company based in Manchester and have met the founder to discuss the current business plan, this is really amazing and it’s the best thing to gain the real time practical experience.

Regarding the dissertation proposal, I would recommend to finalise it as soon as possible, however, don’t stress on the off chance if you are not sure about the topic or have doubts concerning all the ideas in your mind. In that case, we have the compulsory course in second semester: Research Methods. This unit means to assist business understudies with learning the most vital instruments for doing research and guides us to define and develop our dissertation proposal.

So let’s not talk about studies now, you should not dedicate all our time to study, since you are in UK so explore all the good cities. After exams I visited Birmingham and Blackpool and had a great time there and hope to visit some more cities in this month soon ! More about my journey in my next blog ….stay tuned!



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