November 2016: Falling in love with Manchester


I have been living in Manchester for three months, and I’ve not stopped being surprised about Manchester’s lifestyle. In the beginning, I was worried about living in a new place, not knowing anything about how things work and being completely alone. However, Manchester welcomes all people and makes you feel at home. These last months have been terrific, and now, I know that I’m not going to regret choosing Manchester to continue my studies.

Here are the five main reasons why I’m in love with this city:

The City Centre is fantastic; I never feel bored to go there. From the big shopping centres to the beautiful parks and cafes, Manchester offers you so many options to hang out and enjoy your free time (although, you will not have so much free time with the IME – Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship – course!). Still, any new visitor needs to go to Piccadilly Gardens or to Albert Square, where you can find the City Hall and the John Rylands Library, to get in the Manchester pace.

The city centre is not so big and allows you to walk without being worried about how to move around it. I have walked the city centre so many times, and I enjoy each new trip even more than the last ones. Though I chose cycling as my option to commute, and it has been wonderful. You can ride your bike using many cycle routes around the city with no risk, improving your health and even better, saving money.

Manchester is an affordable place to live. Like me, many students come from far countries, and they need take care of their budgets. I was so much worried about it when I moved here, but I realised that this city offers whatever you want at the price you are willing to pay. Of course, there are amazing but expensive events, but there are many other plans which involve spending little money. For example, the Museum of Science and Industry, which is free-entrance, is a fantastic place to spend a free afternoon. There, you can learn how Manchester had a major role during the Industrial Revolution, which important industries were born here, like Rolls Royce, and how the city still is a global influence in innovation.

There are many restaurants to try (important ‘cause I love food!) which are not really expensive. For instance, along the Curry Mile, really close to the University, you can find all eastern food that you want, or in the City Centre, there are excellent all-you-can-eat restaurants, where you can enjoy your afternoon or evening taking advantage of all the food that you are able to eat.

Manchester is really well located in the UK. Here, we are close to London (just two hours by train) but also, close to Glasgow and Edinburgh (same two hours by train). So, this city gives us a good chance to travel around the UK and know this wonderful country.

Moving here was the best decision I could take. Manchester gives us, as students, the best environment to live. We can commute and move around without worries about traffic or crowds and at the same time, having all the options that a big city can offer to you, in an affordable way.

Definitively, I love Manchester!


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