November 2016: How can the University help you?


Moving to university is always both exciting and a little bit scary. You move to a new place, have to build your life from scratch and learn to do things on your own. You can open google and read all the articles about how going to university helps you broaden your horizons, makes you grow, and pretty much gives you the best 3 (or 4) years of your life.

Although this is all true, moving to a new place not always easy. Sometimes things do not work out the way you planned and life can get tough. Whether you feel like you cannot cope with all the studying or complete assignments on time, do not have enough money, or experience loss or any kind of personal issue, you feel overwhelmed and stressed. The easiest thing to do is to just give up, tell yourself you cannot handle all this and go back home. But remember one thing – giving up is never the answer.

Never forget that the University is here for you and always ready to provide support for you in difficult times. It does not want you to just get good marks and complete a degree but also to enjoy your time here, be happy, and build a life that makes you feel accomplished in every way possible.

So let’s have a look at how the University can help you:

  • Every student is assigned an advisor of studies. Your advisor is there not just to help you with any academic issues but also provides support, advice and help regarding any kind of personal issues which might affect your academic performance.
  • The Students’ Union has an Advice Centre where you can speak to a professional and get confidential advice. I know that being at university means you have to be an adult but sometimes it is better to get advice from an adult with way more experience than you who can see things from a different perspective. Also, if you are experiencing any financial problems, the Advice Centre offers short-term emergency loans of up to £100.
  • If you need more money and you’re considering looking for a part-time job, then it is worth paying a visit to the Careers Service. Even if you have not booked a meeting with a career advisor, you can still check the career service website or get one of their booklets which can give you information on how to find a job in Manchester, build your CV or write a cover letter.
  • Finally, do not feel ashamed to talk to someone about your feelings. If you ever feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening in your life, consider making an appointment with a counsellor. Your mental health is important and it should always be a priority for you that you feel good and happy.

Remember that you are never alone. The university is here to support you and you should not feel embarrassed to ask for help. Things always get better and you should never give up.


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