February 2018: My favourite places in Manchester so far


With exams being over, the first thing you would want to do as a student is find a nice place where you can relax and avoid any studying spaces for at least a week (or more…). A couple of months ago I was trying to figure out how to reach to Arndale Centre but as time passed by, I came to know the city and discover some new places every other week. Assignments and projects can take up most of the time, but you should always take some time off to discover the places Manchester and the surroundings have to offer. After all, the Masters course is not only about studying but it is the whole experience.  Here are my favourite places which I’ve discovered so far in Manchester.

If you are looking for a place where you can just relax, have some drinks and have a nice dinner with friends, look no further than Turtle Bay. It’s a Jamaican themed restaurant, with nice music and very tasty cocktails. There is one next to the Principal, on Oxford Road and one in the Northern Quarter and even though during the week is not that crowded, on Friday and Saturday tends to get a bit busy, especially during the Happy Hour.

Still, if you just want to dance your exams off, Manchester has a club scene for all music lovers, ranging from EDM to Hip Hop. Some of my favourites are Revolucion de Cuba, History, Lost in Tokyo and the ARK.  For concerts, look up the Manchester Academy or Victoria Warehouse and see when your favourite artist will be in Manchester.

I am a foodie and I love discovering new places to eat. If you love Chinese food, Tai Pan is the best option and it is close to the university, so you have to give it a try. It tends to get quite crowded in the weekends so make sure you book a table in advance. For Indian food, Mowgli is a street food Indian restaurant and it has an interesting concept and has a diverse menu, with vegan and gluten free options. For steak and ribs go to Rump’ N Ribs and have their famous barbeque ribs or a juicy steak. Either way, prepare your appetite.

If you love brunch as much as I do, Moose Café serves brunch all day and it is delicious. Also, if you believe that a bad coffee can ruin your day, then you should try these independent craft coffee shops such as PKB or Ancoats that serve consistently good coffee.

Manchester is a great city (even though the weather can get a bit annoying) and there still many places I want to go to. So don’t forget, between assignments and deadlines to make some time to have dinner with friends or go walk through the city… who knows what hidden gem you might discover.


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