May 2017: Working on a CIPD exercise


This month we were thrilled to work on a challenging exercise presented to us in the context of the CIPD course, led by Professor Miguel Martinez Lucio. We were asked to form teams and create posters as the HR department of a food manufacturing company. We were required to include up to 500 words of text in an A3 sized page.

The concept was that our company wants to inspire employees, who are mainly young people and migrants, to engage with volunteering activities in the context of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. The ideas regarding what that CSR strategy would focus on were up to us and there turned out to be a wide variety. Community-based policies, initiatives regarding the environment (waste produced annually) and fitness awareness are just a few of the topics our teams came up with.

Angeliki, Chrysa and I, formed a strong team of three. Being really good friends during the course we felt very comfortable when brainstorming and trying to upgrade our ideas by providing constructive criticism on the table. While trying to create the poster, we spent several afternoons laughing, procrastinating, overthinking, falling in despair and being inspired!

Eventually we created a program that would provide food to homeless people in Manchester who were registered in job centers, actively looking for a job. Our food manufacturing company would work with other companies in the Greater Manchester area, such as hair salons and dry cleaners, to help bring change to the lives of people in need. Indeed, relevant evidence provided by research has shown that the image of an individual is really important in regards to job interviews.

We had the chance to present our posters in front of our course mates during our CIPD lecture on Thursday, comment on our progress and present the key factors that we consider great aid or drawbacks in the process of creating the posters. The production of a poster is an important part of the CIPD skills evidence.

Currently our posters are being judged by a panel comprised of academic staff, and after the voting procedure ends, the best two posters will be announced. The winning teams will receive a letter of recommendation which will be a useful addition to their CV. Regardless of the result of the voting process; this was an extremely productive and constructive educational experience. It helped us develop and demonstrate important skills necessary for success in the competitive job market, such us group work, time management, innovation and creativity, IT, research, constructive and critical reflection, and competitive drive.


Our team trying to figure out what our strategy will be about (Starting from the left side, Crysa, me and Angeliki)


One of the teams presenting their poster


Wide variety of poster colours and concepts


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