May 2017: Preparing for exams


Spring has arrived in Manchester! It is getting warmer now and sounds like a good time for sunbathing in the garden. Unfortunately, the second semester is about to finish and all lectures are now already completed.

The lecturer has re-capped what we have studied during the semester and has told us about the exam. Most of my exams are essay-based. The lecturer told us to start writing an essay and send it to him for feedback. I found this is helpful as we can practice answering the exam questions and receive feedback for further improvement. The significant things are that we need to answer the question by writing about the main points and structuring it in a logical sequence. Also, we need to add some empirical evidence to support our answers and make it stronger.

My revision plan is to read and understand all the topics learned, and then look at past exam papers to make sure that I understand all the topics. I usually spend more than 12 hours a day studying in the library. The University of Manchester Library consists of the Main Library, Alan Gilbert Learning Commons, and several other sites. The library sites are spread across the whole campus and offer a wide variety of spaces, with different types of furniture, layouts and environments to complement the tasks that you are working on. Many of the library sites have group study rooms available, which you can book easily through the My Manchester online portal.

I also like settling down with my study and a good cup of coffee or pot of tea. It is better to sit somewhere else where we can feel relaxed and actively get work done away from the distractions of your own home. There are a great variety of coffee shops and Cafés in Greater Manchester and study spaces which we can choose from. And that is another one of the main reasons why I love this city!


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