May 2017: Making the most of my time in Manchester


After having a great time during the Easter holidays in Athens and Geneva, I came back to reality, which can be none other than lectures and assignments. Although these two semesters have been quite hard and stressful, I had the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and collaborate with many interesting people who I can now call friends. Now that the lectures and coursework submissions have come to an end, the word “bittersweet” can perfectly describe my feelings.

As the time that I will have to move to Surrey and start working at P&G is approaching, I feel both excited and sad. Manchester was my first experience abroad and a stepping stone to a new adventure in a different place in the UK, which is starting to feel more and more like home. What I will mostly miss of this vibrant city are its alternative neighborhoods, its limitless events, the live music, the sports, the theatre, the art, its sunny spring days and last but not least my friends who I will, hopefully, meet again in the future.

Therefore, I intend to enjoy my last two months in Manchester as much as I can. One of the happiest moments of this month was my birthday. I was used to celebrating it with my family and friends and I felt sad since for the first time I wouldn’t be with them. However, my friends in Manchester made my day and thanks to them I will always remember this day fondly. After my birthday and the end of the semester’s lectures, we gathered at a friend’s accommodation to celebrate the end of our assignments and lectures. Prior to focusing on the upcoming exams, we had some fun by enjoying home-made Chinese food cooked by one of my classmates.

A little trip couldn’t be missing. This time I travelled to Liverpool as it’s an ideal place for a day-trip. It is half an hour by train and has plenty of museums, shops, bars and restaurants. What I mostly enjoyed though, was the “Steam on the Dock festival” which we encountered by chance. A parade of steam powered vehicles of the industrial age and a marching band transported us to another era. Of course, the city’s crown jewel is the Albert Dock and a walk along it can’t be missed.


Old Quadrangle at Uni




Last presentation


Homemade chinese food


Class photo


Birthday party!


Sunny days in Manchester


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