May 2017: Here come the exams


Currently, Manchester is very colourful. May has started with warmer days and many of us are going out to enjoy the sun. Actually, it is common to see people laid back on the grass sunbathing in the garden located just outside the main library. Certainly, the brighter days have made me feel happier and closer to the weather that I was used to. The Beatles’ song ‘Here comes the sun’ is a good description of my current mood.

Nonetheless, as May has come, the exam period has arrived as well. Second semester lectures ended during the first week of this month and now it is time to prepare for the final tests. Although it could sound a little bit intimidating, the University has arranged a series of activities in order to help us:

First – as I mentioned on my previous post, the dates were scheduled in an organised way, since we will have one final assessment per week.

Second – at the end of each unit there was a final class to discuss the exam, providing useful hints on certain topics that may be asked.

Third – exams from previous years can be consulted on Blackboard (the Masters virtual learning environment). It can be very helpful to check them beforehand, in order to get familiarised with the type of questions asked.

Fourth – the library has a special programme called My Learning Essentials to aid students during this period, which includes online resources and face-to-face workshops of skills support.

Last but not least – the University has wellbeing rooms that can be used to relax or take a break from studies. These spaces are located in Simon Building and, normally, offer a variety of healthy activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates.

Before concluding this post, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to my classmates. It has been a remarkable time together. Now that the lectures have ended, I will miss seeing them every week. I really appreciate the opportunity that the University gave me to meet these truly amazing people. My best wishes during this exam period and in your respective dissertations. I hope to see you again soon.


Sunny day on campus


Sunny day on campus


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