May 2017: Embracing the warm weather in Manchester


As you’ll all know by now, Manchester is known for one thing and one thing only – rain. Now of course there are several other great things about this city, but one thing you can always count on is rain with just a touch of torturous wind. However, Manchester has been very good to us in the last few weeks with these amazing days without a single rain drop.

Now because it is so rare that there is almost never sun here, when there is, people go crazy, but in a good way. When you walk on campus, you always see people walking everywhere with sunglasses on and a smile on their face. You’ll see runners enjoying their opportunity to get tan, while getting fit. And you’ll even see students releasing some exam stress at a few rooftop pubs on Oxford Road. The best part of sunny days is definitely the lawn behind the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons though.

When there is chance of a sunny day and the weather is warm, the Learning Commons will put out lawn chairs for students to use. The entire lawn will be covered in the purple Library lawn chairs with students doing assignments outside. Can you even believe it? The sun almost motivates you to do homework, unlike the gloomy rain, where all you really want to do is lay in your bed binge watching Netflix. Am I right?

The chance of sun is just a reminder that it’s the little things that impact your day/week. Because sun is so rare here, it almost gives you the balance of being a student both in and outside the classroom. Being outside allows you to reflect on this entire experience of going to school here and bettering yourself. The sun allows you to do work outside, being productive, but also getting some colour on your skin. I absolutely love working outside, because that is one thing I miss about my hometown since it is sunny about 300 days out of the year. I found it very peaceful to study and work on my dissertation outside, because whenever I needed a break, I just took a minute and relaxed. Maybe the minute turned into a little nap, but at the end of the day, does it really matter?

What I love about the University is its enthusiasm for sunny days as well. The ability to go to campus, grab a free lawn chair, and have the same access to wifi and other resources to get your work done is incredible. There is no excuse not to sit outside. In the end, the sunny days make up for all the rain and broken umbrellas that have crossed my path in Manchester so far. I am hoping we have some more throughout this crazy month of exams, because I will definitely need them.

Photo at the top: This is me in my eno hammock typing a paper, outside on the Learning Commons lawn. So crazy to think it is completely normal to do homework outside here- amazing!


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