May 2017: 2 semesters done, 1 to go!


I still cannot believe that two weeks ago I probably had the last lecture of my life.

The last eight months have passed so quickly that in my head I only moved to Manchester a few months ago. In fact, we are already two thirds through our degree. Semester two is almost over and we are currently preparing for our final few exams. After the exam period, we will mostly work on our dissertation, carrying out interviews, questionnaires or experiments depending on what methodology we chose.

As exciting as it is, I can’t help feeling melancholic and even a little sad. The end of lectures also means that I will not see my friends and classmates on a regular basis anymore. The best chance to see a familiar face around this time of the year is in the Learning Commons or Library. These places become some sort of home for most students during preparation time. I have literally seen people walk around in their pyjamas, with pillows or even a kettle.

Last week we had our dissertation Poster Day. It was held in Whitworth Hall, one of my favourite places on campus. Usually, you only get to see the Harry Potter-style building during the inauguration and graduation ceremony. We prepared a poster and presented our dissertation topic to University researchers. It was a lot of fun and everybody was very excited to present their topics. Another step closer to finishing our degree.

Time-management skills were an absolute necessity during this semester as all dissertation tasks had to be done in addition to the workload from our courses. Although it is amazing to see what you are capable of, we all definitely needed some sort of balance. For me it is climbing, for others it’s swimming, yoga or running a marathon. No matter what you are interested in, the University for sure has a society, club or event for it – you just have to figure out what you want to do!


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