Masters Insights: The Last Weeks of Semester 2 and Poster Day


And here we are: end of semester 2. It has been only 4 weeks since I told you about my trip to Florida and all the fun I had over there. It feels sooo much longer ago, because so much has happened over the last weeks. All of us have been working hard to present group projects, hand in written assignments and, most importantly, prepare for the poster day and the proposal.

So let me recap the poster day a little bit. It felt so far away when it was mentioned to us during introduction week in September that we would have to prepare and present a poster of our dissertation at the end of semester 2. Fast forward 8 months (I really mean FAST forward) and we are all standing in the Sackville Street Building, anxious to present our poster to our assessors and answer questions appropriately – oh, and to receive a good mark. Besides all the nervousness, I will remember it as a fun and exciting day!

sophia and peers

So what is all the fuss about?
The poster you will be creating for poster day is pretty much a summary of your proposal: What are you going to research? Why are you doing it and how are you going to do it? All complemented by a literature background, Gantt chart and reference list of a few selected journal articles that you have read so far. There will be a 30 minute time slot in which you will be assessed by two members of staff about the clarity of your poster and your research presentation. It sounds worse than it actually is as it is basically a conversation between the three of you. However, you will be at the poster day for 3 hours so besides being assessed, you also are assigned to look at 4 other posters of your classmates and give feedback. It is very helpful to get advice from classmates that are currently in the same stage of the dissertation process and their advice can be very valuable!

sophia biscoff

One week after poster day, we had to hand in the proposal. And, as you can imagine, with all the feedback that we received from the staff and classmates, we were able to “tweak” our proposals a little bit before handing them in.

We are currently all studying for our final exams which are taking place between May 14 and June 2. Spring and lectures are over, but the summer and dissertation period are about to kick off! My next blog entry will be about the dissertation process and my favorite spot in Manchester, so stay tuned J

Take care!

P.S.: We are still having fun outside of academics…here are 2 pictures of the “Run or Dye” in Manchester:

colour run



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