Masters Insights: Summer has arrived


Summer arrived officially in Manchester this week. I took my latte iced today and I’m wearing shorts, so while it’s still definitely not tropical, you can count on at least a bit of nice weather in Manchester (contrary to popular belief). My fellow students and I have now completed all our exams and are awaiting the last few results to come in. Client-facing projects and dissertations are underway.

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Exams can be stressful, especially given that they don’t occur in isolation. In May, you will be interviewing for your client-facing project (or planning for your dissertation). Additionally, the job search is also competing for your attention with applications, online mathematics and reasoning tests, and interviews occurring during this time. Personally, I had to spend a couple days in London and in Brussels for interviews and assessment centres right before my exams. My advice is to begin the job search process early to reduce the pressure during this time. Inevitably, however, you will have many things competing for your attention and my classmates and I have found that relying on each other and on services offered by the university can be very helpful.

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Group studying is not something that I normally do, but given the case-based nature of many BASM exams, it has proven to be a very helpful approach for me. Together you arrive at a deeper understanding of the case and it’s very helpful to hear the opinions of others, leaving you more confident in your approach to analysing it. I can’t stress how important it is to build relationships with classmates throughout your course.

In addition to this, taking a workshop or utilising the University’s counselling services could be the push you need in the right direction in order to meet all the deadlines and keep up with all the demands during this stressful time of year.

I know many international students may be participating in the pre-sessional English course, so if you are preparing to come to Manchester very soon, feel free to email me (, as usual, with any questions you might have. I’ve been in contact with many future BASM students and it seems like a great, diverse cohort of students.

Happy summer, all!


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