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After all the serious stuff in my previous posts it is time to have some fun so I thought to write something about sports and related stuff this time. I must say to keep one going through a hectic Masters program one should have something sporty or any other passion for revitalisation.

I used the Sugden Sports Centre. It is a wonderful place located very near the Oxford Road campus and there are many facilities like gym, badminton, basketball and various other health activities like yoga, boxing, etc. all year round. The cost of each of these activities is also quite affordable and special discounts are given to students. The infrastructure and maintenance is extremely good. There are instructors and guides who are all the time available to support you.

It is open from early morning to almost midnight during the week and until evening at the weekends. Imagine you can go to Sugden even after finishing all your essays at 10pm, isn’t that superb! I have used the gym section for almost nine months now. Until now, whenever I have joined a gym I have always been overcome by laziness after a while but I’ve managed to stick to Sugden for such a long time. So just wow!

Near to Sugden sports centre is Manchester Aquatic Centre which is right on Oxford Road. As the name suggests, it’s the place for water and if someone is interested in swimming then is the place to join in. Some of my friends are members here and they have always highly recommended the place. There are other facilities here too like gym etc. so you can enjoy both swimming and gym together with one membership fee.

The other popular place is the Armitage Sports Centre located at the Fallowfield campus. It is quite a big spread of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Along with these popular three centres there are sport clubs formed by the University like the Polo Society, Cricket Society and many others. There are regular fitness classes and a wellbeing centre available too. In a nutshell there are options for everyone to pick a choice of activity to pursue all through the year along with their studies.

I never knew I would blog anything related to sports because frankly I am really not a sporty guy by nature. The University’s facilities can bring out the sport out of any un-sporty person – The University of Manchester brings out the best from all. Enjoy your time as much as you can through everything available here.

Cheers and good luck to all!


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