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We’re moving into the final month of the course and dissertation writing is well-underway. I’m sure you are busy planning your departure to Manchester and sorting out accommodation and travel plans. I’ve now been in the UK for 11 months and reflecting on my experience brings back a lot of memories and an awareness of all I’ve accomplished in the last year. I came here to take this course with the specific goal of developing my commercial awareness and gaining a business degree, which would open up doors for me in the future.

What I received was a unique core curriculum centred on developing an understanding of why firms act the way they do. This course will help you discover what areas of business interest you and what kinds of challenges firms in different industries face.

The projects are a time for developing your professional skills. You can opt for a School-sourced project or find something on your own, though in either case developing your project management and client skills should be your key focus. It’s not always practical or even possible to be applying all your management theories to your projects; however, the insights from business cases over the last year will certainly shape the way you think. Communication, good client relations, and expectations management are all key to success in the client-facing project and this serves as a good environment in which to develop these skills further. These kinds of experiences are great to discuss in interviews with potential employers and recruiters to show your strengths and ability to learn.

On a personal level, I celebrated my birthday last week with friends from five continents in attendance, including some of my closest friends pictured here. I’m reminded of how international this course was and what a strong global network I’ve formed for myself.

This will be my last blog entry but of course continue to get in touch with me through LinkedIn and I wish you all the best as the MSc BASM Class of 2016! Remain open to every experience and maximize your opportunities right from day one. The course is only a year and it moves quickly so get ready for one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of your life.

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