Masters Insights: What is the first thing you need in Manchester?


While I was flying to Manchester, I thought to jot down a few important points as to what I needed initially…

So what do I need first when I reach Manchester? The way to find my student accommodation, arrangements for pick-ups, arranging my first meal, the process to open my bank account, obtain my School identity card, grocery-shopping and the list went on endlessly in my mind!

I happened to meet two guys on the flight who had studied at Manchester Business School from previous years and they offered to join me from airport to our respective accommodation. After my arrival and all formalities at the airport they called up and hired a cab and explained my address to the cab driver who dropped them first and finally me to my accommodation. Phew! I managed to reach my accommodation and there goes the first tick in the checklist of mine.

Soon after all the check-in formalities, I got the key to my flat and on entering I met one of my flat mates in the kitchen. He was cooking and greeted me very warmly and offered to help with my luggage and share his meal. I was in fact very tired to even think of cooking then and agreed to it. I realized he was a very nice person as we talked while having food and he explained to me the way to reach the School from our accommodation, the documents required to obtain my identity card, the process to open bank account, even how we can share our monthly grocery expenditures.

The next day, following his advice, I took the path and found the University. Wow! It was easy. There were many people spread all over the campus with “ask me” written on their shirts who were there to help new students for any and every confusion. With their help and directions I managed to get my identity card and even obtain the University letter to open a bank account.

I managed it so well, I thought, while sipping my coffee and quite feeling warm with the place in a nearby cafe. I wondered why I was worrying uselessly, it was easy and I am quite an expert and smart. Really? Well it was easy because there was always a hand to help me, be it on the flight or my flat-mate or the “ask me” people. The world is always a better place if we all help each other and make life easy and simple for all of us.

Whenever you travel to Manchester make sure you make good friends and see the change. Even if you don’t get a friend in flight like I got or a caring flat mate, the University arranges everything for you in those initial days so do not worry just ask the “ask me” people, and remember “you smile and the world smiles with you”.

Welcome to Manchester Business School.


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