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Masters blog Sophia 1The final exams are written and we are starting full steam ahead into the second semester. Time to recap on the first 5 months in Manchester and at MBS…

At Manchester airport I was greeted by a student ambassador (“the purple people”) and guided to the shuttle busses that were bringing new students to campus. It really could not have been better organized by the University and I started relaxed and excited into induction week.

Induction week started off great! On the first day we received the course handbook and semester timetable as well as a hoodie and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a free hoodie? The days then were followed with a lot of information sessions and organizational stuff. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but it included sessions on academic writing and plagiarism. Actually, you will hear a lot about plagiarism – brace yourself!


Sophia BrathayA highlight of induction week was an overnight trip to the Brathay residential! 3 days into induction week all marketing student were driven out to the Lake District and it was a fantastic opportunity to get to know your new course members. We were put into groups of around 10 people that would later also be our team members for a course project. It was a great team bonding experience: We did little team building exercises, went kayaking/canoeing, etc. Great food and a bar at the residential were the perfect way to kick off the the MSc program and to make new friends. And who said it always rains in England? I should have packed my shorts and t-shirt.

Sophia The BuzzAfter induction week we jumped right into lectures and seminars. I really enjoy the combination of lectures and seminars for each course that let you put the theory from the lecture into practice and gives room for discussion. The modules in semester 1 are: Critical Marketing, Marketing Implementation, Strategic Marketing and New Product Development and Marketing Communications and Professional Analytics which is an all year round module. The last weeks of the teaching semester were crunch time! Essays, venture project presentation and reports all due within the last weeks and we were all running a little low on sleep. Below you can see a picture of the proud The Buzz venture project team!Christmas came out of nowhere. After all coursework was handed in and classes were finished, I flew home to Germany for three weeks. I enjoyed the Christmas time with my family and friends, but the looming exam period forced me to my desk right after Christmas to prepare for finals. This was very different from my undergrad experience since in the US (where I did my BSc) we had finals right after classes ended and before flying home for Christmas. I know for many students final exams are a very stressful and worrisome time. However, at this point I should thank our professors for pointing out the essential material and always being available for questions via email or the online discussion board. Don’t get me wrong, finals were not a walk in the park and I was quite nervous, but I felt well prepared by our lecturers. But yes, I am also very happy exams are over now.

So now, here we are, semester 2. For the second semester we were able to choose our own modules. I went for retail marketing, e-business and consumer behavior. The latter will also be my dissertation topic and thus my specialization. Quite scary to already think about writing the dissertation, but this is probably a topic for another blog entry.Sophia Brathay 2

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