Masters Insights: Dissertation Writing and Castlefield


Hello from sunny and warm Manchester! The last leg of the Masters course has begun: the dissertation writing period. We finished our exams on 3 June and I gave myself a one week break and went to Scotland with my friends. We visited Glasgow and Edinburgh which are beautiful cities and made me curious to see more of this beautiful country in the future.

However, since Monday it is back to business! I am currently working on my literature review and preparing my interviews for my dissertation. I will interview students and I am interested in finding out what consumption behaviour from home they are taking into adulthood. So basically, are they choosing the same brands/products as their parents and if they do (or do not), why? This should be some interesting research and will certainly keep me busy over the summer. I just talked to my supervisor today and we will have meetings twice a month to look at my progress and discuss the research. The past year has been a hell of a ride and it is crazy to think that we are now in the last stretch!

castlefield canalOver the past semester, I have talked a lot about the course and my little trips away from Manchester. I thought it was about time that I talk a little bit about what I enjoy doing in Manchester. So let me introduce you to one of my favourite areas in Manchester: Castlefield. A nice 20-minute walk away from my place (or much quicker by bus) lays the birthplace of Roman Manchester. It was the site of the Roman fort of Mamucium or Mancunium and until today the people of Manchester refer to themselves as Mancunians. Castlefield later also played a large part in the industrial revolution and was the terminus of the Bridgewater Canal. The Bridgewater Canal was the world’s first industrial canal! I was told that for a long time this beautiful area of Manchester has been neglected, but it is now a popular area for living and leisure activities.


That’s it for today. Have a lovely day. Take care!


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