Masters Insights: A New Me in a Year


This is going to be my last blog as my course is nearly coming to an end in a month and I am near to completing all my work. A year seems so huge when it begins but at the end of it you realise it is not as huge as you think it to be – time flies! So today let me give an account of what I have done in this time in Manchester.

To begin with, I made some real good friends and I’m definitely going to cherish the friendship for a lifetime. The friends I have made are from different parts of the world and naturally the next time I am going to travel it will be less scary, as I know there will be a friend who is in that part of the world. Even if not there will be a friend’s friend living there for sure.

We never think of ourselves or reflect, but I had the privilege of doing this through this year. I recognised where my strengths and weaknesses lie and how can I manage myself better. I am definitely not just speaking of my career or educational perspectives but I realized this has been a year where I grew more than I have grown in the past 25 years. The realisation of the real essence of being independent is what I am really thankful for.
In terms of my achievements, I managed to be the Student Ambassador for my course which adds a feather in my hat, I have been an author of these blog posts which gave me another proud moment, I have been a dedicated gym user in this year, I got involved into modelling which also assured me that nothing is impossible only if we are sure of it in all ways and finally my degree (technically yet to receive). This degree will not be just another proof of qualification for me, but a degree which made me more humane than I was before and hopefully will continue to grow.

Every month I used to wonder what to write in the blog but I always knew I would write this very blog at the end. Today it was a wonderful clear sky in Manchester and I went for an early morning walk where I happened to click a snap of the sun rising through one of the buildings at The University of Manchester. The University has been a sun-shine for many learning souls for years and thankfully it has been in mine too.

I wish the best to all who are, have been and will be part of this university.

This is Rebanta Dasgupta signing off with this blog as a student-blogger of Manchester Business School.


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