June 2018: The post-exam period


June has arrived, which means we have finished all the exams of the second term and formally entered the dissertation period. I must admit from May I feel extremely comfortable when I could enjoy the continuous sunny weather in the city.

There is no doubt that everyone enjoys a good time after the strenuous exams and assignments. I went to Blackpool, a characteristic coastal town, which is only a 1-hour train trip away from Manchester. When we walked along the picturesque beach, the vibe truly pulled us away from exam tension and refreshment therefore injected into our life. In addition to the vibrant seaside scenery, we also explored the famous Pleasure Beach Theme Park, in which we took rides on more than 5 kinds of roller coasters to release ourselves.

Manchester’s summer is full of brilliant activities. This period is the break for the football season, also many celebrities such as Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift come to the Arena and Ethihad stadium for performances or concerts. In this case, you can really enjoy a feast for your eyes on a world-class level. However, one thing to remember is always keep yourself safe.

For study, each student on our course has started regularly meeting their dissertation supervisor and gradually stepped into writing. By 8 June, all of us submitted the draft dissertation title and ethics form. My supervisor really focuses on details and instructs patiently on how to best proceed the dissertation. As for a mature student coming back from office work, a 15,000-18,000 word task seems to be quite daunting, however I really would like to take this precious chance to learn more from my supervisor and deepen my understanding of operations and supply chain management by studying hundreds of researches and studies in this field.

I feel lucky indeed that by virtue of my part-time job and other social activities, I have plenty of opportunities to know people from diverse backgrounds and obtain a hands-on British social experience. This has deepened my understanding that life itself is an on-going learning process regardless of how old we are and where we are. Everything I have harvested here, knowledge, skills and friendship, leave impressions on me and like small twinkling stars, they are shining in my brain.

Another fulfilling Summer to embrace! Keep fighting, everyone!


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