June 2018: The Manchester Diary is about to close…


Just three months are left now to finish at the University and this is the key time to work on the dissertation. In the MSc, the dissertation is considered to be very important as it carries the weightage of 60 credits whereas the other units carry only 15 credits. These three months are dedicated only to the dissertation as there will be lots of research, meeting with the supervisor, interviews for the primary research etc.

Also, just a few months left at the University and so I have started to really think about my future and what I want to do once I finish. I originally planned to return to India right away and begin working on my family business. However, I would love to spend a few extra months in the United Kingdom and travel before heading home.

I have also considered staying in the UK or Europe if I can secure a good job. I have started looking for jobs but have not applied yet. Before applying for jobs I recommend everyone to visit the Careers Service at the University. It is really amazing and the support they provide is exceptional and very helpful for the students.

Being an avid traveller and an active student in cocurricular activities, I would love to work in a travel company or any event based or PR company in UK or Europe. If I am given the opportunity to work in this sector in any prestige company like Booking.com, it would really be a dream come true for me. I am very interested in this sector but I plan on applying to some other sectors as well. I have also applied for about 10-15 jobs in the UK through the LinkedIn platform.

Although the process for applying for jobs is very time-consuming and can be a little depressing, it is so important that you should take some time every week to prepare and alter documents like your CV and cover letters and also to find and look for the new jobs or openings and apply for the same simultaneously.

As of now, many of my friends from my course as well as from other courses have already secured good jobs and internships in other countries and will be leaving Manchester to begin working very soon. This actually made me realise how fast the past nine months have gone. For me, Manchester feels like home now, I no longer feel like a stranger in this lively city. I have also recently got to spend more time with my classmates and friends. So, to know that some of us are leaving soon and some already left reminds me that our time in Manchester is coming to an end and the Manchester Diary is about to close with millions of memories. Nonetheless, this experience has allowed me to gain genuine friendships and I know that we all will meet again soon.

Also, along with studies there are a lot activities and events. We all went to the Summer Ball for Alliance Manchester Business School postgraduate students, organised by the Horizon Society. Being the secretary of Horizon Society I got the opportunity to organise such an amazing ball and it was a success.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries.

More about my journey in my next blog ………stay tuned!


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