June 2017: Summer in Manchester


I am so happy exams are over! It’s nice to have my free time back and be able to enjoy the good things in life again. As these were probably the last exams I would ever have to sit as a student, I decided that I would try my best to take them as something I should be grateful for having the chance to experience rather than stress out about them. Surprisingly, it worked – yes, I didn’t get much sleep during the exam period and had to pull all-nighters before each exam but instead of panicking, I just took that as something that was just part of the process and somehow didn’t find it as stressful as I usually do. I think I did pretty well on the exams so I guess my new method/technique really worked.

Anyway, my year at university is pretty much over and all that is left is my dissertation. Lucky for me, that means that now I can finally do all the things that I simply didn’t have time for the last few weeks. I am fortunate enough to have most of my friends, including my boyfriend, living here in Manchester and not going home after exams so I can go out to nice restaurants and bars with them. However, I thought it would be interesting to think about things you can do by yourself in Manchester as I know that sometimes there is nothing better than to just enjoy your own company. Here are the two things that I love doing by myself:

Going to the gym

I’ve always enjoyed working out and after I hurt my ankle and running was out of the picture for me, the gym became my best friend. There is no point of explaining all the benefits, both physical and mental, of being active as there are enough articles, books and YouTube video addressing them. It’s important to look after yourself and if your busy schedule at university made you think you didn’t have time for this, now you have zero excuses. The gym I go to is the Sugden Sport Centre. It’s really close to uni and offers amazing student deals. You can get a 3-month membership for only £50 which is ideal for summer. I only go there to use the gym but there are also fitness classes and you can book activity rooms to play basketball, football, badminton and squash. I prefer going there in the morning as it is relatively quiet at that time and I hate working out when the gym is packed. What I love about this place is how friendly and nice the staff are and how helpful the trainers always are.

Visiting parks around Manchester

I love nature and never miss a chance to admire its beauty. What I didn’t like about Manchester initially was the fact that it didn’t have as many green spaces as Glasgow. I didn’t really like Whitworth Park and missed having a place like Kelvingrove Park where you can go for a walk and clear your mind after a long day. However, what I later discovered is that the really nice and big parks here are actually outside the city. Therefore, a good idea is to get in your car or ask a friend who has one to drive you there and enjoy a nice relaxed afternoon. You can bring your favourite book or some food with you and spend some time alone (or have a nice chat about life with your friend if they join you). Good places to visit are Dunham Massey, Alderley Edge, Bruntwood Park and Fletcher Moss Botanic Garden.

Manchester has a lot to offer and now that exams are over every student should try to get the most out of their time here.

Go outside, explore, enjoy!


Botanic Garden


Dunham Massey


The Edge


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