June 2017: Defiance and perseverance


During the exams period a horrible incident shocked Manchester and the whole world with its brutality and senselessness. The suicide bombing that was carried out in Manchester Arena on the 22nd of May, after the end of a concert, plunged the whole city into grief. Bereavement for the loss of innocent people, fear, empty roads, heavily armed police force members and panic cast their shadow above the usually lively and carefree city of Manchester.

I never imagined I would see this place so quiet and lifeless. I had read about the 1996 IRA bomb that demolished a part of the city centre but caused no casualties. To experience something like this though is very different. Kids’ lives were lost and it was something I will never forget. What happened had all our hearts broken and focusing on the exams was the last thing we could think of. However, the University stood by anyone who was traumatized and needed consultation. Thanks to its organisational resilience in these times of crisis the exams took place as scheduled without any inconvenience caused to anyone, which is not to be taken lightly.

As if Manchester’s attack was not horrifying enough, another vicious incident, this time in the heart of London, made the news. Less than two weeks later, a van ploughed into pedestrians on the London Bridge and then its passengers stabbed bypassers. The death toll rose to eight people and several others got injured. But if there’s something that we should take away from both attacks is the defiance and perseverance of everyday people who, in the face of pure evil, stand up and don’t back down inspiring us all to do the same and giving us hope in these darkest of times.

Meanwhile, life has to keep going and so I kept studying for my last exams. Although I feel relieved now that they are over, there is one last thing to be completed before I acquire the Master of Science in Business Analytics. This is, of course, no other than the final dissertation. During the summer, I will have to work on the analysis of social and cultural indicators of poverty in Mexico. My investigation will be based on the software tool SPSS Amos which is a quite powerful statistical tool among analysts and statisticians.

It is certain that I will have to work very hard in combination with starting an internship and a new life in Surrey. But nothing good comes easy they say and I choose to believe it. I feel more than lucky that I will start working at a company I always wanted to work for before even getting the masters degree into my hands. The only thing that makes me feel sad is that I will have to leave Manchester, where I had one of the best years of my life, and the friends that I made. What needs to be done now is to enjoy the last days in rainy Manchester, to find a new place to rent in Surrey and to pack my luggage once again.


On our way to city centre


Indian lunch


English Breakfast-Didsbury


Pre-exam party


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