June 2017: And the bees still buzz


Being grateful and the sense of giving something back to institutions has always been important to me as they all play a part of who I am today. Whether it’s volunteering in grassroots sport communities after my prior employment to support the core of dedicated volunteers on the front line, or returning to my old University to deliver a guest lecture to current students on the current methods and challenges in the industry, without these opportunities and building blocks I perhaps would not be here at Alliance Manchester Business School studying a Masters and entering a third semester.

Back at the start of term I had never planned to be a student blogger and had instead decided I would give back to Alliance MBS by becoming a School Ambassador. It was from the ambassador application that the Schools’ admin staff roped me into blogging where I have subsequently rekindled my enjoyment for writing.
Within the ambassador application I had to answer: “What is the best thing about Manchester?”

“Manchester Has Character” I replied.

Browsing through these student blogs or ambassador profiles, you will see countless students from all cultures, countries and courses proclaiming just how friendly the people of Manchester are and how vibrant the city is. It’s easy to dismiss this as a ‘selling point’ – a throwaway comment to help you decide Manchester is for you; because after all, is your home city not vibrant and friendly too?

It most likely is (and I’d love to visit someday), however Manchester’s character is unique as it strikes when you first step foot in your newly adopted city. Steeped in its history in culture, music, sport, technology and research; through to the Mancunian people and culture, or the businesses and students which contribute to the cities’ buzz and work ethic. Manchester’s character is relatable to you in at least one of those categories and many of us now know why the bee is a symbol of the city.

Here at Alliance MBS they talk about ‘Original Thinking Applied’ which is rooted in the values and virtues that Manchester has in standing up and contributing to the world.

Without original thinking, would the Suffragette movement earnt women the right to vote?
Without original thinking, would Turing be the godfather of modern computing?
Without original thinking, would we have discovered the wonder material Graphene?
Without original thinking, would Sir Alex Ferguson have made Manchester United as successful?
Without original thinking, would Mancunians unanimously react as they did on the evening of the 22 May?

In light of the recent devastating atrocity, the validity of my reply or fellow classmates’ statements of vibrancy and friendliness stands true. Through the natural response of Mancunians that character and spirit has been demonstrated to the world and it is that character and spirit which will keep us at the cutting edge of innovation and cultural delight. At the twilight of our youth we are not deterred by such attacks, because as current students and as future ones at Alliance MBS we are at that cutting edge of innovation and are developing a cut-through perspective which can when applied can drive the world and the businesses we shall work in to a better place that is by nature indivisible.

This last year throughout exams, assignments, lectures, late nights in the library; through the driving rain, shining sun, trips away or nights out and through teamwork, dedication, agreement and disagreement – we have all been in the same boat, on the same rollercoaster ride and we have all helped each other get through intense and uncertain times. And whether you know it or not, “this is the place where we stand strong together, with a smile on our faces, Mancunians forever”.

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