July 2017: The end is where we start from


Dear readers, this is my last blog post. It seems like yesterday when I started to write this blog – time flies!

Although it is true that as a Masters student I still have a couple of months to finish the programme, July is a perfect moment of the year to sum up with some closing words.

The last three months of the course are focused on the dissertation. In my opinion, this is probably the most important assignment that you will have as postgraduate student, since it allows you to study a topic of your interest and gives you an opportunity to show your true capabilities as a student and researcher. Certainly, it is not an easy piece of work. Actually, its average length is around 15,000 words.

However, the University had all in place to help us achieve this goal. In December 2016, special sessions were held to guide us about the dissertation process; in February, we defined our dissertation topic and were allocated to a supervisor; and in March, we wrote a dissertation proposal of 3,000 words aimed to be a structure of the main dissertation.

Nowadays I am working hard on my research. It will look at union stewards’ perceptions of managerial initiatives aimed to enhance their participation at the workplace. At the moment, I have written nearly 7,000 words (considering: introduction, literature review and methodology) and I have held two meetings with my supervisor to discuss my progress. Additionally, I have interviewed four participants (out of six), so I am expecting to have my dissertation done in mid-August (the deadline is on 4 September 2017). This description is just to give you a picture of how you might be at this time next year.

Unfortunately, this journey is reaching to its end. However, as the title of this post referencing T. S. Eliot suggests, there is no reason to feel sad: ‘the end is where we start from’. Certainly, I will miss my classmates, but at the same time I am glad to see how we have grown together during this year. Actually, I am happy to know that some of my classmates are attending job interviews and, moreover, that some of them have found a job. We are finishing our stage as Masters students, so now it is time for us to show our gained knowledge and apply our skills in a new professional environment.

Now that the end of the Masters is approaching, I can confidently say that you should apply for this course. If you have actually been accepted, I will say: Congratulations! Prepare yourself for an incredible experience!

I hope this blog was helpful and enjoyable. Thanks for reading it!

So long, friends! Best wishes!

P.S. I would like to thank The University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School and Liz Hardy for offering me this opportunity. I would also like to thank my classmates and lecturers for making this year an amazing experience, and, most importantly, my wife for her suggestions and support.

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