July 2017: Taking Time Off


I cannot believe that the year is almost over. I went through so much in the last few months and it is crazy to think that I will soon have completed my Masters degree. This course was most certainly very intense and a lot was expected from me but I am happy and grateful I had enough motivation not to give up when things were hard.

To give you a little update on how things with my dissertation are going, I’m currently faced with some difficulties but hopefully everything will get sorter quickly. I have mentioned in previous posts that I was selected to do my dissertation project with a company – well that company is being a little bit unreliable and has slowed down my progress on the project as they still have not send the survey to their employees. This is making things for me more stressful and complicated and I might have to apply for an extension because with no employees who have completed the survey yet, I am way behind compared to everyone else on my course. However, I am sure things will get better soon. It is inevitable that you will face some unexpected challenges when doing your dissertation but it’s important to just stay positive and motivated and keep going no matter what.

That Is why I am trying not to worry too much about it. Actually, right now I am drinking my morning coffee on my balcony in Barcelona, enjoying the morning sun and writing this blog post, so I am definitely far away from being too stressed. I decided to treat myself after all the hard work this year and go on a holiday with my friends, and what a better place to go to than my favourite city – Barcelona. I have been trying to relax and spend some lazy time on the beach and just not think about what is happening back in Manchester. I really felt like I needed some time off to just recharge after the hard year. That is what I want to tell you too – don’t be afraid to take time off when you feel like you need it, you are always going to find the time to do work, even if you have to do it last minute you are still going to complete it. It is important that you give your body and mind time to recover and recharge and whatever is happening in your life you should always be your first priority. Make sure you take time for yourself, even if it means taking time off everything else.


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