January 2018: Working during the break


Before you read my blog, let me wish you all a Happy New Year and best of luck to follow your renewed set of resolutions. 2017 has been an amazing year for me! I hope this was same for all of you too.

Okay so let me begin with the first half of my vacation which I have spent in India – my home country – with my dearest family and my friends to take a little break. Along with that I had to work on my assignment for the Innovation and The Knowledge Economy unit as there was a deadline during the holidays. I also had to select the units for my second semester which requires a lot of time. We are allowed to take a unit from any masters course so I had to look through the handbook of every MSc course.

In the other half of my vacation I went to London with my friends from the University to witness the celebration and decoration of the beautiful city during the New Year. The best part in London I enjoyed apart from the company of my friends and the lit streets of London was The Fireworks at the London Eye. It was mesmerizing and fantastic.

After celebrating New Year, I am really looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things and starting with this semester’s units after the first semester exams. My first exam is on the 16 January and it’s now time to focus on my studies. Wish me luck for this!

I am currently spending my days sitting in the library and many other study places that the University provides us with. I wish to spend the coming days in some other beautiful corner of this beautiful country!

Ciao! I gotta revise my syllabus again.


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