January 2018: Preparing for exams and Semester 2


Happy 2018! It’s hard to believe that four months have already passed since coming to Manchester. The holidays seemed to come and go quickly, and it was great to see what Christmas in England was like – so classic, but also very different than the U.S.! Within my 2 weeks off I traveled to Ireland, Sussex (southern England), and spent 5 days in London. Manchester is in a great location and with the main train station and airport so close I could easily travel to most destinations within about 2-3 hours!

After New Years celebrations in London I headed back to Manchester to start my revision for exams. Professors go over revision tips during the last class of the semester and overview main topics of the course. I have 3 exams, which cover the whole semester – this is different than the U.S., as there’s no real midterms/splitting of the course. The professors are always there to answer questions, but compared to the U.S. and an undergraduate degree, you are expected to take full responsibility and accountability for your coursework; I do like this, because it has really driven my understanding of self-reliance and independent learning, which is vital for any work place. I am so grateful for the friends I have made because we have formed some really strong study groups. In the mean time, I have also been applying for graduate schemes as I hope to stay in the U.K. after graduation. Career Services has been amazing and has helped me every step of the way, from my resume, cover letter, and interview prep.

In terms of semester 2, I hope to start strong and have selected units in International Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications and Advertising, Digital Business, and the year-long Marketing and Communications Professional Analytics. The University allows you to select 3 electives in addition to the mandatory Professional Analytics unit. To be honest, I had a really hard time selecting units since I thought the Consumer Behavior and Corporate Social Responsibility courses also seemed really interesting. I love that the University allows you to attend any of the units at the beginning of the semester to let you assess what is right for you and your learning style. Overall everything is going great in Manchester, and I can’t wait to finish exams and start semester 2!


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