January 2018: My tips for effective revision


Students on my course have been enjoying the holiday break since the beginning of the second week in December. Although it seemed a long time before we reached the exam week in the middle of January, you will realise time slips away quite fast, so spending some time in making your revision schedule is a priority.

I would like to have an entire year experiencing UK life so I did not fly home as some of my classmates did. Also, I am well aware that if I stay at home, I will put myself back into a kind of ‘comfort zone’. During the holiday, I spent most of my time in the main university library. Here you will never feel alone because there are always a lot of students from different disciplines studying here as well. I have got one reflective paper and three closed-book exams so I always reminded myself to prepare for them earlier due to time constraints.

Here are some tips that have helped me with revision:

● Timing
Find the period of time that you feel the most comfortable to study. We have already had a busy time for the past 4 months, so give yourself some time for relax and refreshment. But for the sake of your health, I recommend you do this regularly. I usually go to bed before 12 at night and go to the library at 10:30am to ensure a sufficient sleeping time. Then after 6-hours writing and recapping, I have face-time with my family. I think this pattern fits me quite well because it not only improves my efficiency in study and also eases myself on pressure.

● Keep in touch
Stay in touch with your classmates. Students on my course are really active although most of them are spending time with their family. For Christmas and New Year, we send each other greetings in Whatsapp groups and I really feel sweet and warm. Apart from that, we are discussing papers and trying to answer each other’s questions regarding revision. That’s really helpful and you may come up with ideas for another way of thinking.

I am excited for the coming term 2. I have got a lot of plans next, not only for academic study, but also for self-improvement. And I know all I have to remember is since time is precious, do cherish it!

Here are some photos from my break:


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