January 2018: Exams and looking ahead to Semester 2


This post is intended to cover the December/January period, which all students will recognise (probably not so fondly) as the deadline/exam period. To give an idea of what this particular course entails assessment-wise, after this 2-month period is over we will have completed: 3 group presentations, 2 essays (3000 and 4000 words) and 2 exams.

Obviously, this represents a certain level of stress, but so far I’ve found it manageable. And, no doubt, most of you will have experienced similar workloads throughout your undergraduate studies as I did. It must be said that Alliance MBS is very helpful throughout. Blackboard has online discussion boards for each unit and lecturers are always available to answer questions. Lecturers also have clear office hours where you can drop in and have any questions answered. They even operate limited availability over the study breaks which I have been able to utilise.

Looking ahead for next semester, we have selected our units. I have opted for: Marketing Issues in International Business, Multinational Business Finance and Emerging Markets. Additionally, there is one core unit: Frontiers of International Business. Students are given plenty of time and information upon which to decide their units. I made the decision based on timetable (fitting my studies around part-time work), assessment methods and lecturer.

Also, we have been allocated our dissertation supervisor and together we have agreed on a broad topic of the impact of large multinational organisations on developing countries, with a specific focus on the FIFA World Cup. However, as you will be able to see from the course outline, it will not be until the third and final semester that I will have to complete this (thankfully!)

Outside of my studies, I continue to work a part-time job at a local Law Firm 15 hours a week. Although this has not made the workload any easier, again, it remains manageable. My only advice to anyone seeking a part-time job alongside their studies would be to ensure that it doesn’t exceed 15-20 hours – otherwise you will likely struggle with Uni work.

Socially, with it being the festive period, I have mainly been indulging in a few too many beverages and mince pies with friends. I’ve also been able to spend time with my family, taking my mum to Manchester’s famous Christmas Markets and my 2-year-old nephew Noah to Gullivers World (a local theme park). Outside of that I’ve been watching and playing football. For all those interested in the same, pitch side tickets for City games at the Etihad Stadium are only £20 for certain games and they rarely sell out!


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