January 2018: Deadlines and exams


December and January are known to be quite a challenging period for the students. In December you have to turn in most of your assignments while trying not to think too much about the holidays, while in January you come back from the holidays and you need to start studying for the exams. But in between deadlines and exams you still have time to enjoy what the festive period has to offer.

Trust me, time flies when you are a student and without you knowing, December comes and you have deadlines and you have to finish projects that you might not have even properly started. Luckily (or not) everyone is more or less in the same situation and this is a period that you will mostly spend with your teammates. What is really helpful is the support the University offers you: from professors taking their time to offer their feedback and explain if you haven’t completely understood some concepts, to having the possibility to book study rooms for as long as you find convenient (also, Dover Street is accessible 24/7).

Just remember that at the end of the day it is important with what you learn from this experience is not only about projects and deadlines. As the Christmas holiday approaches you can feel how everyone is excited to either go home or to visit new places – and the feeling is all around the city. Manchester around the festive period is a joy to the eyes, with different Christmas markets around the town and Christmas lights everywhere. So, don’t forget to discover some new places around this period.

With Christmas and New Year’s gone, everyone comes back to Manchester to prepare for the exams. But before that, everyone is eager to talk about their holidays, the new places they’ve discovered or how they spent the holidays with their families. Between revising for the exams and solving the case studies, there is always time to hear some holiday stories.

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