January 2017: My top 5 revision tips


Going to university is all fun and games until you hear the most unpleasant word – revision. However, we are at The University of Manchester just for school right? I am here to say you certainly can get through the hurdle of revision, the journey through each exam, and onto new classes – the finish line.

Here are my top 5 tips to help ease the stress of revision:

  1. Get a planner/calendar
    This is extremely important because you need to record exam dates to figure out how many days you have until test day. From there, divide up the weeks to spend X days studying for each class. Make sure you can access this easily whether it is your phone, a physical planner, or even a wall calendar.
  2. Schedule time for an actual holiday
    This is the one you have been waiting for me to say. Well, yes, treat yo’ self to quality holiday time with your family and friends, so you’re not completely burnt out. My holiday started on 16 December, so I took two weeks for travel and fun, before getting serious about school.
  3. One day at a time
    One thing inevitable about revision is stress; what you need to figure out is how to decrease your stress level. Instead of focusing on the long-term, focus on the topics and lectures you need to revise on that given day. I make daily to-do lists with 3-5 topics to revise, which gives me a set day, but also time for exercise, friends, etc.
  4. Find a study buddy
    Social interaction is crucial because otherwise, you will be going crazy studying. Find someone in your course that you can revise with, so you can motivate each other to study, but also go over concepts together, which will better your understanding.
  5. Flashcards
    If you are a visual learner like me, this one is for you. Because most exams are essay based, you need to do outside reading and remember authors and years to cite, on top of other information. Flashcards become your best friend for memorization. In high school I discovered www.quizlet.com, which is an online flashcards platform. You create a free account and make your own sets online. They have learning games and practice tests you can use to ease memorization. This has been my lifesaver with every exam I have taken and it saves you the time of handwriting them.

Following this guide to ease your stress will keep you afloat for the month before the biggest exams of the year. Just take a deep breath when you are stressed, take a quick break whether it is 5-10 minutes or an hour to get you back on track. You are following in the footsteps of very successful graduates who were once in the same position and they did it – so can you.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Me in Bamberg, Germany, during a day trip from Nurberg in December.

Me in Bamberg, Germany, during a day trip from Nurberg in December.

Me at the Eiffel Tower, during my trip to Paris in December.

Me at the Eiffel Tower, during my trip to Paris in December.


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