March 2018: Harder Courses and Celebration of Spring Festival


After taking a few weeks of class, I find that the courses in Semester Two are harder than those in Semester One. Most classes are fast-paced and informative. Thus, I need to spend more time in reading papers and other materials to better understand the lectures. It is time to choose my dissertation topic. Our programme allows us to decide to do an Accounting dissertation or a Finance dissertation. My dissertation topic is in accounting field and my topic indicates STATA as a pre-requisite, which means I’m required to take a series of STATA workshops for two weeks.

I joined an exclusive event about revitalising corporate governance for the long-term benefit of business and society which co-hosted by Alliance Manchester Business School and the Financial Reporting Council.  A distinguished panel of speakers shared their insights. Executive Board Members and their advisers discussed and debated the proposed new UK Corporate Governance Code. This event greatly developed my understanding about corporate governance, which complemented what I have learned in the Corporate Governance in an Accounting Context course.

It was my first Spring Festival (an important festival in China) away from home. I missed my family and I could only see them via video calls. Oh, I also couldn’t receive red packets (Hong Bao in Chinese). Although I was not with my family, I had a great time with my friends during the festival. We enjoyed a great meal together with lots of delicious Chinese dishes. There were also many events to celebrate the Year of the Dog in Manchester city centre, such as the stunning dragon parade, traditional lion dancing, martial arts and crafts, food stalls, a funfair and a huge fireworks display.

I took a day trip to Chester with my friends on a Saturday. Chester is a city full of surprises from the historic Rows, the walls and the shop fronts. The Rows at Chester which combine an eclectic mixture of Medieval, Georgian and Victorian architecture are very special. They are a unique series of two tired and mostly black and white half-timbered buildings joined with long galleries. They consist of covered walkways at the first floor behind which are entrances to shops while at street level is another set of shops and other premises. I love Chester and the trip was a wonderful mini break!



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