March 2018: Happy Chinese New Year and A vibrant new term


The Traditional Lunar New Year in 2018 is from February 15th. As it is known to all, it is the most important festival for Chinese, when everyone enjoys a big family reunion to reward the past hard-working year. I have to say this is the first time I celebrate the New Year with friends and classmates outside my hometown. Thus it is a truly unique experience. Meanwhile, all of us are lucky to take this opportunity to learn a new skill, such as successfully making dumplings and other Chinese pastries.


I am also quite impressed by Mancunians’ passion in celebrating Chinese New Year. On the weekend during the festival, China Town is bustling with people in joy. Families gather together to see the special firework show, explore delicious Chinese food and even try bangers by themselves. Although thousands miles from home and family, I can feel a special sense of belonging here.


Back to study, usually around the beginning of March, students will get their grades of the subjects taken last term. The grading system in AMBS is rather rigorous due to the high-level learning requirement. However, in my opinion, as long as you put sufficient time in your study, your score will live up to your effort.

We have more group assignments this term comparing to last year and thanks to the coursework we have done before, I find it quite enjoyable when working collaboratively with other classmates. In each class, we are allocated into different groups and I truly learn a lot from my new group members. Apart from that, students in OPS have completed their choice of dissertation title this month and are allocated to the corresponding supervisors.

Despite having suffered from bitterly cold and snowy weather (it has been snowing for nearly a week) at the end of the Winter, we are delighted to see that the Spring is just around the corner. As an old Chinese saying goes: The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring, I start to think about my own plan and target, like my dissertation and career.

Seven months since I came here, I want to make a small summary now: I have experienced a lot different from what I had before and I can say all these, really worth it and make me stronger in myself!


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