May 2018: Final exam preparation, beautiful weather and preparing for Summer


According to a famous quote “Every minute of life should be enjoyed and savored”. I can’t believe how fast time has flown by with this Masters course! But now with the last 3 months remaining, I am looking forward to enjoying and taking in as much as I can from every minute that I spend here.

As May has set in, all the Business Analytics students – including myself – have been extremely busy and occupied with studying for exams. This time of the year can be extremely overwhelming as you will find yourself dealing with a lot of studies and might feel stressed out as well. It is absolutely alright to feel stressed because of the workload but here are a few things I’d like to share that helped me and are helping me cope with stress:

  • Group studying: As I mentioned in a previous post, group studying has proved to be really helpful for me throughout the course of this course. While revising for my exams, I usually like to revise in groups of two or three and the biggest advantage of doing this has been learning from each other.
  • Taking breaks: Extremely important! With the beautiful weather that has settled in, taking small breaks and going for strolls has helped me a lot. It is really important to get some fresh air and sunshine to rejuvenate yourself
  • Ask questions: Using the discussion board to communicate with the class and the professor has proved really helpful throughout this course. If there is any ambiguity, make sure to ask questions and get them clarified
  • Stay calm: Very important!! A calm mind leads to productivity and positivity. So make sure not to panic and stay composed.

I must say that the weather has taken a 360 degrees turn and it’s finally warm and sunny in Manchester. We made sure to take advantage of this weather by planning some picnics in Whitworth Park and soak in as much sunlight as possible. It is really important to enjoy this weather as these days are rare in this rainy city. The city looks extremely colorful and vibrant and there is a whole new sense of beauty to it, much different from the winter. I finally see tulips around and I absolutely love how colorful they look.

Also, I must mention that vibe in England because of the Royal wedding! I think this was my most memorable highlight of the month as I would see banners, posters, facemasks etc. showing off England’s patriotic side.

Other than keeping myself busy with coursework, I found a new found passion in cooking after I moved to Manchester. I guess living alone teaches you a lot and it taught me the art of cooking! In our spare time, we love to organise potlucks and bond over food and discuss about our lives.

I also found some time to visit some places in Manchester such as the Altrincham market place, Lymm and Wythenshawe and they were absolutely gorgeous. If you love nature and are looking for peaceful places, these places are a must visit. However, if you are not into nature and like some indoor shopping, I would definitely recommend visiting the Trafford Centre – it is a shopper’s paradise!

As the clock is ticking too fast, we are approaching the summer and are going to be soon in our final leg of this program, our dissertation. I will be working with a law firm on investigation into fraud detection methods in financial services for my dissertation and I’m expected to use machine learning for the same. Before I started this program, machine learning was a buzzword to me and I never thought I’d ever find myself involved in it, but now, I am really excited to see how my summer project is going to unfold and most importantly I am ready for a whole other learning experience that is waiting for me!


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