February 2018


January was expected to be tough and it hardly disappointed! With the much-dreaded exam season descending upon us, New Year celebrations were very much conservative and twelve plus hours were spent in the learning commons: every single day! However, the revision experience this time round was very different to how it has been for me previously. The staff and libraries around the university were making the extra effort to ensure students were having a healthy and comfortable study experience. For instance, there were time and stress management sessions almost every day in the learning commons and there was counselling staff at hand to discuss any study woes.

The exams themselves were very smooth. The invigilation staff were friendly and reiterated the fact that ‘we are here to assist you’. In the short time in the weekend following the exams, I definitely wanted to travel a bit as there would be hardly any break from studies with the new semester starting the coming Monday. Thanks to the central position of Manchester, I was able to get extremely cheap coach tickets to Birmingham and London and set out with a friend to make the most of the only weekend I had! Both the cities had their own charm; the heritage, the people, the museums and art galleries, and then the night life! It was all worth it and more than anything, a great refresher before the semester began.

The new semester began with the ‘re-freshers’ week’ for the new students coming in. There were a lot of events once again, and a few of them with free food as well! And of course, I didn’t miss the latter! Furthermore, the accommodation res-life resumed their events as well, with day trips and free pizza nights being a few of them. This was great planning as it allowed the new students who had just moved in to mingle with other residents and feel at home.

I was quite excited to start my new units as this semester was to be more about application work in contrast to a mix of theory and application in the previous semester. The best part about this semester for me was going to be a four-day weekend! I mean, yeah, Tuesday to Thursday was going to be hectic with a lot of classes but wasn’t it great to then be off for 4 days? And every week? That surely has to be THE best timetable I have had as a student! And what does that mean? More travelling and exploring! In fact, I already have a trip planned this weekend and I can’t be less excited!


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