February 2017: The start of Semester 2


The first semester exam period has finally ended and we are now going to start semester 2. Semester 2 is likely to be busier than Semester 1 as I will be beginning preparations for my dissertation. I was told that good time management and organisation will be particularly important.

In this coming semester, there are 4 core subjects which are Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Qualitative Research Methods and Merger and Acquisition as an optional subject. Those are important for both my dissertation and future career. Regarding the Corporate Finance and Merger and Acquisition subjects, I think these will provide me some considerable financial notions related to my future career. While the Corporate Governance and Qualitative Research Method will help me on my dissertation.

I will learn how to carry out good research and be assigned to complete a 2,000 word dissertation proposal during the coming months. My allocated individual dissertation topic area is related to Integrated Reporting which is a new vision of ordinary financial reporting. I found this is interesting and challenging as I need to interview the professional body as part of my research. My supervisor has contacted me and will arrange the first meeting later in the semester. I have to review the relative literature to gain as much information as I can during this semester for completing the dissertation.

My friend and I planned to visit another city during the weekend. Unfortunately, it was raining so we changed our plan to cook Thai dishes instead. I went to my friend’s place and we finally had a traditional Thai dessert called ‘Bua Loy’ which is rice dumpling in coconut milk topped with grains and egg. Living on our own abroad for a long time, we found that our living and cooking skills are getting better. We often cook new Thai dishes together. Also, we often eat out in the restaurants in Manchester. Manchester has a host of international restaurants and cafes offering authentic cuisine from all around the world which suits everybody’s taste. Let’s try them all!






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