May 2018: Exams, dissertation prep and travelling


I can’t believe that we are almost halfway through May as I am writing this month’s blog post. It’s really a great activity to have this time to reflect on the year thus far– I am really starting to get sad about the year ending! As you will see, the time just disappears and really does go so quickly. Regardless, I am happy that this semester has wrapped up, as it has been the busiest time of the entire year!

Last week was my final week of classes which means during this period I work on my dissertation proposal and study for final exams. I luckily only have 2 final exams this semester, and I have about 3 weeks to study for them. Balancing my time does get a bit difficult, as I have a part-time marketing job on Fridays, but overall it’s doable. With final exam prep, my dissertation proposal (worth 15% of my dissertation mark), and final semester assignments, I was pulling about 10 hour days 5 days a week. This is definitely something to be prepared for, as first semester is truly nothing like second. I have really enjoyed this challenge, though, and genuinely feel I have better time management skills because of it. Communicating with my dissertation supervisor regarding my schedule and the progress I am making has been invaluable for helping me stay on track.

Once my second final exam (International Marketing) wraps up on June 6th, I will fully focus on researching and writing for my dissertation. Throughout the summer I will not attend classes and hope to follow a set 9-5pm working schedule to help me prepare again for a typical work day, and also to make sure I have some time off on the weekends! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the dissertation, but I’ve come to realise that if you take each step in stride and continuously work on it (on a schedule) then it’s completely manageable.

Although things have been really busy, I managed to get some travelling done. Within the past 4 weeks I visited Oslo, Norway, with a group of 6 friends from my course, which was an amazing experience. The weather is typically a bit cold, but we were all in T-Shirts with the sun out, which allowed us to be outside and enjoy the parks and scenery. Even better, the flights round trip were only £36! Definitely something I love about living abroad. Yesterday I just returned from my second trip, to Lisbon, Portugal. This was my favourite country I have ever visited, and the sunny, hot weather (quite different from Manchester) really rejuvenated me for exams! I first attended a wedding and then headed off on my own to do a solo trip. This was one of the best experiences of my life and I highly recommend that you do one trip alone to reflect on the year abroad you’ve had.

Next time I will be working within my dissertation period, so more news to come on the progress!


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