May 2018: Exam preparation under the sun


Hello from sunny Manchester!

I am typing these lines while sitting at the park, wearing summer clothes and sandals. Who knew that we would experience such long, sunny days when we were counting our broken umbrellas during the winter?

Manchester never ceases to surprise us though and during May we had the chance to lay on the grass outside the Main Library quite a lot of times. Temperature reached even 26o C, an all-time high for this month, and everyone was extremely happy and excited. The Learning Commons put out free lawn chairs for students to use, ice cream trucks made their appearance on Oxford Road and suddenly exam revision and essay studying became more bearable. As you can imagine, it’s much more pleasant preparing your assignments under the sun.

It also helped me feel less melancholic about the end of the lectures. I know that the year is not over yet as we have more than three months ahead of us with exams and our dissertation writing, but I already miss going to class every day and seeing all of my classmates. I wish this year would last longer; it has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life, thanks to my amazing classmates who have now become close friends.

Well, apart from nostalgia though, I have to admit that last day of lectures also brought some relief. We now have more time to focus on our exams and dissertation. For this reason we decided to celebrate it with what else? Food! Our Indian friend Shevali took us to an Indian restaurant on the Curry Mile. It was my first time there and although I’m not a big fan of spicy food, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Curry Mile is a very vibrant area with a wide range of restaurants. It is a heaven for South Asian/Middle Eastern cuisine lovers and one of the most multicultural parts of Manchester.

Back to Uni work, the last group project that we had to prepare was one of the most creative ones of the year. It was a CIPD exercise, where divided in groups, we had to prepare our own poster on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our aim was to raise awareness of what social responsibility means in terms of employment practices and engage the employees of our imaginary company on CSR practices.

It was a smart way to learn more on the topic of Social Responsibility and discover our inner artists. Despite being reluctant in the beginning, all teams produced very attractive colorful posters. I can say for sure that we had a lot of fun pretending to be graphic designers. Our posters are currently being assessed by a body of teaching staff and the winning team is going to be announced within the next days.

To be honest, the prize doesn’t really matter to me though. I just want to keep the sweet memory of working creatively with friends, the jokes and the laughs of our last group project. I know that’s what I’m going to miss the most. I’m now going to meet them; for drinks this time.

Good luck to everyone with your exams! See you next month!



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