February 2018: Embracing a new term and some tips for choosing elective units


Experiencing ‘exam season’ at The University of Manchester is quite a unique experience for me. Long before the opening time of the main library, there were a lot of students from various disciplines, waiting together to get in. I could see all the students with high morale in this revision period which highly motivated me whenever I felt sleepy and tired. Our main library also offered excellent resource and service during this period, for example, individual tutoring time could be booked and meditation exercises were provided. I considered they were of great help if you had no direction for your revision or you got tense and anxious.

After a few days of relaxation, a new term is awaiting us! As OPS students, we have more options to choose the units we are interested in. For me, it is really difficult to decide because most of them are very useful and practical for my future career.

Here, I list two tips that may assist you in making a final decision of what to choose:

  1. Try to attend all the units that attract you in the first two weeks.

I think it is rather lucky to be enrolled in University of Manchester and Alliance Business School since we have broad range of choices in taking units and we are required to make up our mind after attending lectures for two weeks. Thus I strongly suggest that you take your time in making a decision. In addition, we can take one unit outside of our course in this semester, so search on the AMBS website in advance and go for a try!

  1. Set up your own selecting standard

I truly understand you may persuade yourself hard to choose one unit instead of another. But I advise that you always bear in mind that your priority should in line with your specific standard. For instance, you may choose some units that align with your future career goals or those that benefit your further study.

For the social part, thanks to the distinct teaching mode here in UoM, I have successfully grown from an introverted Asian girl into an active participant in all kinds of activities. I usually pick up one day on weekends to hang out with my friends to visit churches or museums. It is quite interesting to spend time with classmates from different countries because they sometimes have a brand new view of looking at things and we can learn from each other. Besides, I find many activities held by Student Union are beneficial, I participate in some of them and I learn some new skills and meet a lot of new people.

I would like to make the most of my time here in the second term and I feel very excited about it!


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