December 2017: Why I chose a Manchester Masters


I chose to study at Alliance Manchester Business School due to the location benefits of living and networking in Manchester, the acclaimed careers service and the high prestige the school possesses. On all these counts, my experience has exceeded expectations. I know from personal experience that when deciding on where to study, we as students want reassurance as to a variety of issues. In this blog post I will seek to address at least some of these.

Firstly, part-time work. Studying is a costly business these days therefore most of us have to support ourselves with part-time or casual work. I can confirm that it is possible to comfortably work alongside your studies at AMBS. I work evenings at a law firm, for between 15-20 hours a week. AMBS even helped facilitate this by rearranging my timetable so that I could leave University in time for a 4pm start.

Secondly, location. If you are signing up for a Masters, you are signing up to live in one city for at least a year. Therefore you have to be happy with that city. As a proud Mancunian, I may be slightly biased, but Manchester is an incredible place to live in. From the international food available in Deansgate, to the nightlife in Northern Quarter, Manchester has something to offer all. And if you should wish to leave for some strange reason, then London, Newcastle, and “that city where the Beatles are from”, are only a short train journey away.

Thirdly, careers. I assume the motivation of most readers for considering a Masters matches my own. We want to be best placed within the increasingly competitive job environment. The prestige of The University of Manchester offers a lot in that respect. Consistently the University can be found within the top 50 worldwide, and employers will recognise this. Further, the excellent Postgraduate Careers Service adds to this. They offer workshops, webinars, 1-to-1 advice, etc. and I have found these incredibly useful thus far!

Finally, and most importantly, quality of education. The standard of teaching is excellent. Moreover, where issues do arise, the staff are happy to discuss this during office hours and course representatives are able to communicate often.

I hope the above is useful in your decision, and you enjoy your time at Manchester!


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