December 2017: The beginning of my life in Manchester


I felt the changeable weather in Manchester on the first day I arrived. It rained hard when I came out of the airport, then it was sunny when I arrived at the Oxford Road Station from the airport, but then it rained again on my way to my apartment. No wonder most people don’t take an umbrella with them and just put on their hats when it rains. The weather here is so fickle!

During induction week, we were provided with an opportunity to take the city bus tour and campus tour for free. I knew from the tour guide that a worker bee is the symbol of Manchester’s hard-working past during the Industrial Revolution. It was interesting to find the bee on street bins and on the facades of many buildings.

At the start of our course, Alliance Manchester Business School held a fantastic teamwork session in the stunning Lake District National Park at Brathay. I really enjoyed this session through which I learned how to build effective relationships based on trust and understanding and gained insight into my own strengths and impact in group settings. It was great to make friends with my new classmates and people from other Masters courses.

In the first Semester, I have four courses (three compulsory units and one optional unit), including asset pricing, corporate financial reporting, cross-sectional econometrics and portfolio Investment. I previously studied financial management at undergraduate level and courses were mostly related to accounting but now at master level, I have more courses about finance. All of the courses except corporate financial reporting require us to have a solid background in quantitative skills. It is helpful that there are recordings for lectures. When I feel confused with particular content, I can listen to the video recording after class, or post my questions on the discussion board.

To deepen my understanding of accounting, I found a part-time job as an accounting assistant in a technology start-up company. I learned how to use Wave financial software to organise the finance of the company, including track expenses, create and send professional invoices, track the status of payments and so on. I also learned about the tax system in the United Kingdom through taking this part-time job.

This is just the beginning of my life in Manchester and I believe that I will have more interesting and unforgettable experiences during this year.


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