December 2017: My first semester at Alliance MBS


It has been four months since I arrived here and all I want to say now is how time flies!It is discovered in research that only when people experience something precious, they have a feeling for time constraint. At present, I am at this mood.

Since living in Manchester is the first time I have been far away from home, I had a thousand assumptions of what my life would be like here. And I have to admit that most of them are full of anxiety: being alone, language obstacles, cultural crash… However, they are now all proved as imagination that never happens. It is a city endowed with diverse, vibrant and ever-changing life style and I consider myself quite fortunate to have chosen here to pursue my further study.


In the past four months, I was impressed by the academic atmosphere in the University. Whether you are in silent self-study areas in the main library, or in group discussion in the Learning Commons, you are brought into a professional environment. The University provides abundant resources for you regardless of what you want to explore in your discipline. Moreover, the library also offers online learning essentials about how to acquire knowledge of a certain academic field. This really helps me a lot because I am a totally newbie in my course!

I said before that I was a little bit nervous about the new studying environment and new faces of foreign classmates. However, they are all super helpful and open-minded. In group discussions we respect each other’s thoughts and make great progress by learning from each other’s perspective of thinking. After class, we gather for shopping and searching for delicious food. And I really appreciate their help in study as well as daily life here.


As I mentioned above, this is where you can feed your curiosity all the time! Apart from the world-famous Old Trafford stadium and scenic Peak District on the outskirts, I highly recommend the Museum of Science and Industry. I did not realise it was such an interesting and heuristic place until I visited there with my friend last week. From my point of view, you can not only walk around to review the manufacturing development history in it, but also get inspired by ideas when the guide inside gives you a demonstration of how the machines and robots work. By the way, after that, there are certain good restaurants and pubs nearby for you to have a try!


Christmas Light Switch-On is quite a big moment for us newcomers! Although we got wet like drenched chicken (that is the thing you will get used to), it was an incomparable time that deserves your appreciation, especially at the end when you see a sky of meteor fireworks, which I can still recall it in my mind now.

I am sure for the following months, I will cherish the time here more because I am looking forward to it.


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