December 2017: My first 3 months as a student in Manchester


Hi there and welcome to my journey as an MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management (BASM) student. Written in fine lines in the course description is the word “intensive”. A word that perhaps the majority of Masters courses use when describing what the next year will be like for students. The BASM course surely lives up to its description but the best part is that the people involved in the course make it all easier.

It’s already been three months since I officially became a BASM student and I can tell you one thing: time flies. However, there are some things that I clearly remember from the first 3 months: meeting my new colleagues for the first time, the Brathay trip, a getaway to Peak District and our Christmas Party.

Moving to a new city is a scary thing for anyone. Even if I had done this before for my Erasmus year, I knew that moving to Manchester would be different. I moved in two days before the induction week so I had some time to explore the city. I’ve never been to Manchester before but from the moment I arrived at my accommodation I could feel that it was going to be an exciting year. Manchester is a lively city and I felt in love with it from the first day. It has something for everyone: from the historical buildings to new, state of the art ones and lots and lots of places where you can go out.

The first event during induction week was in Whitworth Hall and was for all the postgraduate programmes. It was nice to get to see so many new faces. You could see that we were all excited to be there but most of all, we were all nervous. Fortunately, I’ve even met some of my colleagues on that day: so many different nationalities, with different backgrounds, some of them who already had work experience, some of them just coming out from their undergraduate studies. My first question was how are we going to get along if we are so different? After three months and countless hours spent in group projects I can say that even though we have different stories, we are all here to learn; from the programme and from each other. Perhaps this is the difference between undergraduate and postgraduate: the differences between the students, from their background to their perspective but how they all want to learn and to push themselves even further.

The Brathay trip is the event that everyone waits for when coming to AMBS and as before any new thing, everyone is nervous about it. What I can say about Brathay is – don’t miss it! Even though you feel that open air activities are not for you or that you will not feel comfortable with so many unknown people, all of that will go away the minute you arrive at Brathay. What I kept reminding myself is that we are all in the same situation and for each of us this experience is new.

It is an experience you will not want to miss. You get to know your colleagues, you get to know yourself and why not, you will even push some of your own limits. For example, one of my colleagues was afraid of heights and one exercise involved climbing a wall. Even though she could refuse, she gave it a try and cheered by everyone else she managed to reach the top. At the end of the day, this is what it is all about: evolving.


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