December 2016: Using specialist finance software


I have had such a busy week as I have 2 group work assignments due. The first group work is for Portfolio Investment, the optional subject, which lets us use the BarraOne software to set up the initial equity portfolios and then report on the change in Net Asset Values and the return on the benchmark index.

The second assignment is to write an empirical paper from the Cross-Sectional Econometrics subject. We have to study the literature and develop theoretical predictions of corporate debt maturity structure, then use the STATA software to see and interpret the results. This is quite challenging as we have to bring what we have learned in the classroom into practice by using the specialist software provided by Alliance MBS and the analytical skills to achieve the task. I have spent a lot of time during the week researching and discussing with my group members to produce the best report.

The first semester is about to finish and all lectures are now already completed. The teacher had recapped what we have studied during the first semester and has told us about the exam we are going to face after the winter break. The break is 19 December 2016 to 16 January 2017. It is long enough to travel back to visit your home in your country but I planned to spend this winter in Manchester to prepare for my exams. However, I am going to travel to Europe. I will tell you about my journey in the next blog.

For the weekend, I rewarded myself with leisure time and I went to the theatre and a restaurant. I watched ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ with my friends then had all you can eat Thai food in the city centre.

Recently, Alliance MBS held a Postgraduate Open Day for prospective students who attended with a wide variety of questions regarding the courses. I joined the event as a Student Ambassador for my course to answer any questions such as entry criteria, subject unit details, student life and so on. This is a good chance for prospective students to meet with current students and the course tutor. There were also campus tours and a taster lecture class taking place. You should try and come along to the next one if you get the chance!

Working as a Student Ambassador at the Open Day

Working as a Student Ambassador at the Open Day


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