December 2016: Reaching the end of semester one


As my first semester comes to a close, I’d like to take some time to reflect back on a few things.

It’s officially cold in Manchester, even for a girl who was raised in the Midwestern United States! A couple things I’ve learned about the weather in Manchester: Wear layers. Although it’s cold, you will warm up very quickly when walking through the traffic on Oxford Road trying to get to class on time. Also, there has been little rain so far. However, always bring an umbrella with you because you never know when the weather is going to change.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Manchester!

I celebrated Diwali, which is the Hindu festival of lights, at the Students’ Union. It was a fun night filled with music, food, and even a Henna station.

Manchester Christmas Markets! Need I say more? Here you can find numerous places for food, drinks, and gifts throughout the city. It’s a great time and an excuse to go to the city centre. I especially enjoy going at night so I can see all of the lights lit up.

My classmates and I are a bunch of foodies so when we get together it’s typically over food. We celebrated Thanksgiving together and had an Indonesian and Spanish-inspired dinner. All of which was homemade.

I have also been heavily working on a group project for my Global Operations Management unit. We are working in groups of about 10 individuals and are required to produce a presentation and visual management board regarding the implementation of 3D printing technology in a sector of our choice. The project has been a challenge for many of us as it takes up a lot of time outside the classroom in order to get a good mark. It has been an interesting experience though as each group member has different opinions and we have to all work together until we are in agreement. Additionally, there is a language barrier, which I think can be a challenge in itself at times. It will be a rewarding experience once we know that we have completed the project successfully.

I am excited to head back to the states for Christmas break and see my family and friends. However, I will have to write a reflective paper for my Managing Projects class while at home and when I arrive back in Manchester in January I will have to take three final exams. Therefore, I know that I will have to stay focused and determined throughout the next month.

The first semester has been busy and tough at times, but I now know that attending The University of Manchester and moving to the UK was the right decision for me. There was no reason to worry during my trip to Manchester because all of the events that have taken place and my experiences so far have been great!


Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

Henna tattoo for Diwali

Henna tattoo for Diwali

Christmas markets

Christmas markets


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