May 2018: Coursework, recruiters and relaxation


April got off to a slow start, as we were still in the middle of the Easter Break. The 3 weeks of vacation, however, had just come at the right time! With coursework piling up and the exams not so far away, this period had to be utilized as well as it could. I spent most of my time in the Learning Commons, revising material and working on my coursework, thoroughly enjoying the ever so quiet study area since most of the students had gone home!

As a student representative for my class, I had two very important meetings as part of this period, one of which was the bi-annual Postgraduate Committee meeting with the Programme Directors. Just like last semester, this was quite useful and I was able to get across the ideas and views of my fellow course-mates. Besides this, the Business School arranged a seminar for international students whereby student reps were invited to meet and discuss the recruitment processes with the recruiters of some top companies, including the likes of EY, RBS, etc.

As I was in the middle of my applications as well and had a lot of feedback from my colleagues regarding the entire application process and its challenges, this session was very helpful. We got some great insight from the leading recruiters themselves of what could be a deal-making or breaking point. The event was in an informal setting and brought students, recruiters, as well as faculty members together so that even our instructors could understand and tailor their teaching methods according to the requirements of the modern recruitment standards.

With too much work being done in the Easter holidays, there was a deep sense of contentment I felt but the exhaustion was also building up. A lot of my friends had taken off to travel around the UK or Europe and I had unfortunately not made any plans. Just when I thought I wouldn’t have any legit relaxation, my accommodation arranged for a day trip to Snowdonia National Park, Wales. It need not be said that I immediately signed up and got ready to go with a few friends. The weather had already become good and it was even better in Wales. We were able to hike for a couple of hours to get to the summit of a hill where we could oversee the entire coast line. It was a breath-taking view; the whole town on one side, and the beautiful beach on the other! Needless to say, we took countless photos!

In about the third week, the classes restarted and I could feel refreshed, thanks to this timely break. There was a small period of stress again as all the assignments were due in the third week of April, but after getting these in, there was some more relaxation awaiting!


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