November 2016: Becoming a Mancunian


Manchester is in central England and may be the next place you call home in just a few months. Go ahead and get rid of your nerves, because you are going to feel right at ease. Take it from me, who had extreme anxiety coming here from a small town in the US 4,000 miles away, but after one day, you already feel at home.

Going to school abroad, whether this is a train ride away or even thousands of miles away from your home, is always overwhelming. However, one of the main things to remember is you are meant to be here. Your mission by the end of one year is to figure out exactly why you were offered a spot at Alliance Manchester Business School at The University of Manchester.

This experience will force you outside of your comfort zone to discover who you are as a person, student, and future young professional. The University constantly puts you in realistic situations to push you towards your full potential. For example, Alliance MBS students have the opportunity to go on the Brathay residential trip in The Lake District National Park, which I would highly recommend. I mean, how could you not get enough of the view of Lake Windermere?

During the overnight excursion, you are put into a group and spend the whole day completing various team building activities, solving puzzles, and discussing what you learned from each. You learn how to approach difficult situations, cultural differences and language barriers while working together to accomplish a common goal. My favourite part of Brathay was how in each task you were challenged as a group and individually. It must have been the atmosphere or maybe even my group’s support, but I completed climbing the 30-foot high rock wall and the 50-foot climbing pole. I definitely was not the same person when I left the 36-hour trip and it made me embrace this experience to the absolute fullest, by gaining a lesson from each situation.

Manchester is the perfect place to adjust to UK living because of how friendly all the locals are here. Locals want to make sure you have a memorable experience and a great first impression of their city, so each meal, pub visit, and of course the occasional shopping trip is one to remember. Coming to Manchester, you are guaranteed to receive the education you need to succeed in the workplace, but more importantly the exact university experience everyone dreams of.

The opportunities, events, and resources offered in Manchester are endless, which is exactly what you need to feel right at home. I never would have thought I would be living in the UK for a year, but now looking back, after just three months of living here, I regret not making this a part of my immediate graduate plan first. I transitioned from an American to now a Mancunian and I love every minute of my new journey here; you won’t be disappointed.


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